Flavour Feed brings you the latest food-and-drink trends and forecasts from around the world. In contrast with static trend reports, our dynamic platform, optimised for tablet and mobile, is updated daily, so you can track developments on the train or at your desk, whenever and wherever suits you. What’s more, unlike our imitators’, all of our stories are selected and edited by industry professionals.

Our content ranges from short and snappy updates – or feeds, as we call them – to in-depth analyses of every aspect from ingredients and industry initiatives through restaurants and retail to publishing and people.

Headed up by menu designer Philip Owens, innovation chef David Swann, and brand and retail-insight specialist Richard Savage, Flavour Feed also offers a full consultancy service.

The founding trio is supported at Flavour Feed HQ in London by an experienced editorial team and an Expert Council, and by carefully selected contributors across the globe.

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