Marc Meltonville


Marc is known for his work as a food historian, but actually considers himself a general historian because, he says, ‘the history of food is, after all, the history of everything’. A consultant to Britain’s Royal Palaces, he was first commissioned in 1991 to work on the reconstruction of the Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court. Since then, he has worked on the project to open the royal kitchens at Kew and the king’s chocolate kitchen at Hampton Court. He has designed historic menus for restaurants and bespoke events, lectured all over Britain (including at Buckingham Palace), America and Canada, and made numerous appearances on film, television and radio.

Lately, he has developed an interest in historic distilling, working for the past five years at George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, in Virginia, America’s only non-mechanical distillery. He is currently working on an independent commercial project to research, locate and build an old English whisky distillery in the UK.