Kiki Bosch


Kiki is a nutritionist and biohacker from the Netherlands, now living in the UK. A true daredevil, she is an experienced freediver, descending to the depths without breathing equipment, and has done so in some of the coldest waters in the world. To prepare for a recent trip to Iceland, she bathed in near-zero temperatures every day, and continues to do, knowing from her studies how efficacious this practice is in prompting cellular renewal.

After graduating with a psychology degree, Kiki realised she was looking for a more holistic approach to the mind and body and their connection with each other. This led her to study nutrition, with a focus on plant-based living and strategies to control the mind and stay healthy into the bargain.

Kiki is passionate about optimising the human body and learning how we can become the best version of ourselves through food, mindset and lifestyle. Over time, her interest in plant-based nutrition has naturally progressed into the relatively new field of biohacking. This practice involves tapping into your own biology and optimising its performance and health. By studying her own genome sequence, she has been investigating how she can make highly personalised food and lifestyle choices that will allow her to thrive.