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17 May 2018

Fast Feed: Snacklins – Pork-out Without the Pig

On paper, vegan pork crackling doesn’t make much sense, but that’s exactly what the brains behind Snacklins have set out to make. Co-founders Logan McGear and Samy Kobrosly spent several months perfecting their recipe, which employs a delicate balance of mushrooms, onions and yuca (aka cassava root) to accurately replicate not only the taste but the… Read more »

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05 May 2017

Fast Feed: Perfectly Pressed Paninis and Next-Generation Grilling

The art of grilling just got a lot more precise, thanks to the launch of the Cinder Grill, a portable counter-top grill that is able to not only perfectly cook food but also maintain it at the perfect heat. Looking not unlike a regular panini grill, its two flat plates contain cutting-edge technology, replacing traditional… Read more »

08 June 2017

Fast Feed: Democratising Dining – Skinny’s Satay

Just last week, the Big Apple gave a warm welcome to Skinny’s Satay bar – the latest addition to Gansevoort Market’s vibrant food scene. Headed up by Stratis Morfogen, who brings experience from Jue Lan Club, Mr Chow and Philippe by Philippe Chow, the satay stand is set to serve up chicken, beef, shrimp, lobster,… Read more »

31 March 2017

Fast Feed: JoyRun Delivers ’Appy Meals in California

Californian startup JoyRun has raised over $10m to develop a new food-delivery app. You might think there’s little room in the market for another, but the company believes it has come up with a unique business model. Instead of employing dedicated delivery drivers, the app allows users to connect with other customers who are already heading… Read more »