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17 May 2018

Fast Feed: Snacklins – Pork-out Without the Pig

On paper, vegan pork crackling doesn’t make much sense, but that’s exactly what the brains behind Snacklins have set out to make. Co-founders Logan McGear and Samy Kobrosly spent several months perfecting their recipe, which employs a delicate balance of mushrooms, onions and yuca (aka cassava root) to accurately replicate not only the taste but the… Read more »

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06 July 2017

Fast Feed: Silkworm Flour – Sustainable Future Food

Italy’s centuries-old silk industry is currently undergoing a revival and, tapping into this, is the startup Italbugs, which is working on developing a high-protein flour derived from silkworms. Silk is made from the cocoons of the mulberry silkworm, however, during the process, the larvae themselves are normally discarded as waste, as there has traditionally been… Read more »

25 November 2016

Fast Feed: Fall Back in Love with Lambrusco

Over the past few years, prosecco has become the UK’s sparkling wine of choice, but now it is facing a challenge in the shape of an old retainer: lambrusco. Produced in Emilia-Romaña, lambrusco was a staple of dinner parties back in the 70s, but fell out of favour many years ago. However, it is starting to make a comeback and… Read more »

17 October 2017

Fast Feed: Atten-tion! Eyes Right for Amazon’s Military Meals

Are you a keen hiker? A survivalist? A commando on a mission? Then you’re probably familiar with MREs, meaning Meal Ready to Eat – instant food that doesn’t require refrigeration. Now the world’s biggest online retailer is trialling a new kind of ready meal, designed for everyday consumers, using technology originally designed by the military.   MREs… Read more »