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17 May 2018

Fast Feed: Snacklins – Pork-out Without the Pig

On paper, vegan pork crackling doesn’t make much sense, but that’s exactly what the brains behind Snacklins have set out to make. Co-founders Logan McGear and Samy Kobrosly spent several months perfecting their recipe, which employs a delicate balance of mushrooms, onions and yuca (aka cassava root) to accurately replicate not only the taste but the… Read more »

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11 April 2016

Fast Feed: Coleslaw and Stir Fry Dehydrated Vegetable Chips in Montreal

A riff on kale chips, Hippie Garden Chips are crunchy dehydrated vegetable crisps coated in nuts, seeds and a savoury dressing. We spotted them in crunchy coleslaw, made with: cabbage, carrots, almonds, Granny Smith apples, apple cider vinegar, onions, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, agave syrup, coconut sugar and Himalayan sea salt, and in a stir… Read more »