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08 January 2018

Press Roundup: The Week in Review

MONDAY 1 JANUARY – SUNDAY 7 JANUARY 2018   TOP TRENDS Authentic Japanese Regional Italian Beer halls Umami Super coffee Seafood Algae and seaweed Healthy bacon Alcohol-free drinks Veganism and vegetarianism Nostalgia and comfort food Simple pleasures Immersive dining Food as medicine Food waste 2018 trends Millennials take the reins   RESTAURANT REVIEWS & NEWS… Read more »

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09 May 2017

Ingredient Spotlight: Tofu Skin – Have You Tried Yuba Yet?

Tofu skin, known in Japan as yuba, is made from the thin veil that forms when soy milk is boiled, and can be used fresh, fermented or dried. While the skin does not technically qualify as tofu, owing to the absence of coagulant in the forming process, its flavour is undeniably similar to the soya… Read more »

17 November 2016

Fast Feed: Trolley Service at State Bird Provisions

Like Los Angeles, San Francisco’s food scene is flourishing – it’s a melting pot of cuisines, creativity and innovation. One of the restaurants driving this innovation is State Bird Provisions in Fillmore, headed up by chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski. They have a unique concept: they serve much of their menu of small plates informally… Read more »

02 May 2017

Fast Feed: An ‘Apeel’ Against Food Waste

With around 785 million people currently living in hunger, and a whopping 9.7 billion to feed by 2050, we need a plan. But instead of growing more food, we just need to get better at utilising the produce we already have, according to CEO of Apeel Sciences, James Rogers. Considering 40% of food currently goes… Read more »