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30 January 2017

Press Roundup: The Week in Review

MONDAY 23 JANUARY – SUNDAY 29 JANUARY 2017 TOP TRENDS Xiao long bao Modern Mexican A nod to nostalgia Tacos Fish and chips Vegan eggs Mushroom coffee Veg-centric food The backlash against clean eating Amaro and bitters Salt and smoked meats Salt Bae   RESTAURANT REVIEWS AND NEWS Mei Dim, Manchester Marina O’Loughlin tries what… Read more »

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01 December 2017

2017: The Year’s Trends, Curated

WORLD CUISINES This year has been all about… Global Authenticity, Inauthenticity & Regionality From Mexican to Indian, Spanish to Italian, Thai to Chinese, and beyond. The focus has been on… The Americas American fusion – think American-African (see Red Rooster), American-Italian (see Hai Cenato) and American-Jewish (see Zobler’s Deli and Monty’s Deli) American South –… Read more »

30 August 2017

Fast Feed: Jellyfish Crisps – The Sustainable Snack

With climate change triggering a mass increase in the world’s jellyfish population, University of Southern Denmark gastrophysicist Mie Thorborg Pedersen has managed to make a meal out of the gelatinous sea-dwellers. A far cry from the traditional Asian month-long method of transforming the fish with salt and alum into rubbery, noodle-esque strands, Pedersen’s paper-thin crisps… Read more »