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10 November 2017

Ingredient Spotlight: Zhoug – The Yemenite Spice Paste

Full of fragrance and packing a good punch of chilli, zhoug is the latest Middle Eastern ingredient to have crossed the waters to the West. Hailing from Yemen, the aromatic paste is also widely used in Israeli street food. Recipes vary – as do spellings, which range from zhoug through schoug to s’chug, and anything… Read more »

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01 December 2016

Fast Feed: The Thinking Behind Taste

It has been a long-held belief that our ability to perceive the five different tastes is down to receptors on our tongue, with different receptors dedicated to detecting specific tastes. But now, new neuroscientific research by Charles S Zuker PhD of Columbia University, in the United States, shows that the ability to perceive and differentiate… Read more »

30 January 2018

Fast Feed: Nando’s Nino – A Neat Idea

Nando’s recently opened the doors of its first express-format restaurant, nicknamed Nando’s Nino, in Twickenham. The international chain is trialling the new small format before a full-scale launch and hopes the streamlined Nino menu and faster service will appeal to the ‘grab’n’go’ customer in need of a quick fix. A number of items are being… Read more »

16 June 2017

Fast Feed: The Urban Farming Revolution is Growing Up

Over the past few years, there’s been much interest and investment in the concept of indoor urban farming and, now, thanks to recent technological advances that allow for increased production and reduced costs, this method of cultivation is becoming a lot more viable than it was even a few years ago. One company leading the… Read more »