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07 February 2018

Ingredient Spotlight: Millet – A Great Grain

Food, like fashion, is cyclical, and the cures du jour in 2018 are decidedly old school. We’re witnessing more consumers adopting ancient ingredients and ways of eating, such as the paleo diet, in an attempt to optimise their health. Age-old grains are seeing a resurgence of interest, and we’ve already covered the likes of pinole,… Read more »

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14 March 2017

Fast Feed: Chic Cuban Eating Comes to San Francisco

Despite having a rich food heritage influenced by Spain, Africa and the Caribbean, Cuban cuisine remains little known outside of expat communities – in fact, due to years of strict trade sanctions and government controls within Cuba itself, the best place to find good Cuban cooking has often been among the diaspora in Florida. Now,… Read more »

06 February 2017

Press Roundup: The Week in Review

MONDAY 30 JANUARY – SUNDAY 5 FEBRUARY 2017 TOP TRENDS Global food through a British lens ‘Britalian’ Authentic pizza Authenticity; Spanish, Italian, Middle Eastern Modern Israeli The changing face of the big-city restaurant landscape Pop-up chefs Health movement Food as medicine Robotic revolution 2017 trends The Times’ top-100 restaurants Tahini Cauliflower ’Nduja Cocoa beer Chickpeas… Read more »