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07 February 2018

Ingredient Spotlight: Millet – A Great Grain

Food, like fashion, is cyclical, and the cures du jour in 2018 are decidedly old school. We’re witnessing more consumers adopting ancient ingredients and ways of eating, such as the paleo diet, in an attempt to optimise their health. Age-old grains are seeing a resurgence of interest, and we’ve already covered the likes of pinole,… Read more »

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11 December 2017

Press Roundup: The Week in Review

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28 September 2016

Fast Feed: Pasta for Your Brekkie in Australia

Pictured: breakfast pasta at Small Axe Kitchen, courtesy of @hungrycookiee   Global breakfasts come in many guises, but in Australia it seems the latest trend is for a bowl of pasta in the morning. At Melbourne’s Small Axe Kitchen you can eschew the traditional avocado on toast and instead opt for their breakfast pasta –… Read more »

02 June 2017

Fast Feed: Kakigori – A Refreshingly Different Dessert

As a summer heatwave looks likely, we welcome Japanese kakigori – a shaved-ice dessert that is a delicious alternative to sorbet or gelato. Presently, it is only available in London at Jason Atherton’s Sosharu, where they have installed a dedicated ice-shaving machine at the dessert bar to add theatre. It is a spectacular concoction of shards… Read more »