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31 October 2016

Feed: Modern Alchemy and the New Health Foods

From Homestead Apothecary’s championing of herbalism in Oakland (pictured) through Zenbunni’s biodynamic chocolate to the LA-conceived Moon Juice’s provision of ‘a holistic lifestyle that goes far beyond juices, milks and snacks’, California is certainly the home of modern-day alchemy and a place for physical and spiritual well-being. Products such as tonics, dusts and elixirs are to be found… Read more »

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05 June 2018

Fast Feed: Smart Cookies – Just Vegan Cookie Dough

Food-tech company Just (formerly Hampton Creek) is moving mountains in the name of plant-based cuisine. Since the Bay Area company’s inception back in 2011, Just has been applying cutting-edge science and technology to further its vision of a healthier and more sustainable food world. We’ve already seen the start-up do away with eggs and dairy… Read more »

26 June 2017

Fast Feed: Sarlas’s New Soho Stalwart

Paul Sarlas’s latest culinary instalment, Ichi Buns, is set to open in Soho next month and destined to draw in diners with its winning burgers, buns and ramen combo. Maintaining a casual focus, menu items are priced accessibly, with the most expensive dish – king-crab ramen featuring shiitake mushrooms, roast onions, beansprouts, soya-marinated egg and… Read more »