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31 October 2016

Feed: Modern Alchemy and the New Health Foods

Pictured: Homestead Apothecary’s wall of herbs Words and pictures by Aleksandar Taralezhkov   From Homestead Apothecary’s championing of herbalism in Oakland through Zenbunni’s biodynamic chocolate to the LA-conceived Moon Juice’s provision of ‘a holistic lifestyle that goes far beyond juices, milks and snacks’, California is certainly the home of modern-day alchemy and a place for physical… Read more »

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23 February 2017

Feed: Marijuana – High on the Menu Agenda

Since being legalised in California through Proposition 64, the $5.7bn legal marijuana industry has infiltrated the culinary realm like never before. While restaurateurs in Amsterdam have experimented with haute cuisine and hash in the past, serving dishes such as hamachi ‘shashimi’ with cannabis dressing or foie gras with a hash jus, the combination has only… Read more »

25 November 2016

Fast Feed: Fall Back in Love with Lambrusco

Over the past few years, prosecco has become the UK’s sparkling wine of choice, but now it is facing a challenge in the shape of an old retainer: lambrusco. Produced in Emilia-Romaña, lambrusco was a staple of dinner parties back in the 70s, but fell out of favour many years ago. However, it is starting to make a comeback and… Read more »

04 April 2017

Fast Feed: Instant Restaurant Reservations via Instagram

In a potentially industry-disrupting move, Instagram is soon to allow users to book appointments with other businesses directly through its app. Although this feature will be available to all businesses, from garages to hair salons, it will be of particular interest to the restaurant sector, because it will allow users to make a reservation with… Read more »