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06 December 2017

Feed: The Unstoppable Rise of the Urban Farm

Ethically minded consumers are increasingly health conscious, but in 2017, they’re also starting to question where their food comes from and the effect it has on the environment. Producers are dutifully responding to this concern. We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of sustainability-led products launched over the past year, and countless startups are… Read more »

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30 May 2018

Fast Feed: The Appeal of Apeel When it Comes to Waste

Last year, we wrote about startup Apeel Sciences (see the feed here), which has developed Edipeel, an innovative ultra-thin, all-natural, non-toxic coating that can be applied to fresh fruit and vegetables to delay ripening and slow the spoiling process. Now it has been backed by the Rockefeller Foundation as part of its Yieldwise programme –… Read more »

30 August 2016

PRESS ROUNDUP: The Week in Review

MONDAY, AUGUST 22 – SUNDAY, AUGUST 28 2016   LONDON, UK:   TOP TRENDS: Indian street food Global flavours Nordic spice and grains Authentic Mexican street food BBQ Vegetables Vegetable-led restaurants The Mediterranean diet   RESTAURANT NEWS + REVIEWS: The Barbary, Covent Garden Marina O’Loughlin in The Guardian beats the queues and heads to restaurant-of-the-moment… Read more »

01 August 2016

July Review: This Month’s Trends, Curated

EMERGING High-end chefs working in fast-casual Thai ice-cream rolls Kombucha and cold brew on tap Insects/cricket flour Natural, protein-rich meat substitutes (the Impossible Burger) Bag-in-box wine Authentic flavours from The Levant, and Middle Eastern street food going upmarket (see The Palomar, The Barbary, Tabun Kitchen, Cure + Cut, The Good Egg, Le Bab) Italian –… Read more »