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24 November 2016

Feed: The Future is Functional Food

With so many foods being touted as new ‘superfoods’, consumers and academics alike are starting to question just how beneficial these foods actually are. It turns out that, in many cases, there’s no supporting evidence for many of the nutritional claims and they’re not the one-stop dietary ‘cure-all’ the clever ad spin would have us… Read more »

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20 April 2017

Fast Feed: Nostalgia on the Menu in Melbourne

If you fancy a house-made cola slushie, a cornflake crunch or a hundreds-and-thousands ice-cream sandwich, then the newly opened Karton Milk Bar in Caulfield North in Melbourne is the place to go. Owners Karina and Clinton Serex cleverly evoke a sense of nostalgia by mixing the products of days gone by with modern ingredients and… Read more »