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24 November 2016

Feed: The Future is Functional Food

With so many foods being touted as new ‘superfoods’, consumers and academics alike are starting to question just how beneficial these foods actually are. It turns out that, in many cases, there’s no supporting evidence for many of the nutritional claims and they’re not the one-stop dietary ‘cure-all’ the clever ad spin would have us… Read more »

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12 March 2018

Press Roundup: The Week in Review: Mon 5 Mar – Sun 11 Mar

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24 May 2018

Fast Feed: The Cure Du Jour – ‘Food as Medicine’

With the current focus on health and wellness, food has taken on a new role in our lives. Self-care continues to be key, and what we put on our plates is now celebrated for its ability to boost, soothe, treat and heal. As such, we’re seeing an entirely fresh focus on the concept of ‘food… Read more »