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24 November 2016

Feed: The Future is Functional Food

With so many foods being touted as new ‘superfoods’, consumers and academics alike are starting to question just how beneficial these foods actually are. It turns out that, in many cases, there’s no supporting evidence for many of the nutritional claims and they’re not the one-stop dietary ‘cure-all’ the clever ad spin would have us… Read more »

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21 February 2016

Fast Feed: Dominique Ansel Bakery to Open in London

Pictured: a “British” cronut by Dominique Ansel   The inventor of 2013’s most talked-about food trend the cronut, Dominique Ansel of the eponymous Dominique Ansel Bakery is due to open a new bakery in London, though the details of where and when is yet to be announced. London, prepare for a sugar rush.  

20 March 2018

Fast Feed: Follow Your Gut Feeling

Here at Flavour Feed, we’re well versed in the health benefits of balanced gut flora. As we’ve previously noted, upsetting this finely tuned microbiome can not only lead to gastrointestinal disorders, but also neurological, respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. An increased awareness among consumers of the importance to general wellbeing of what’s going on inside has led… Read more »

08 June 2017

Fast Feed: Democratising Dining – Skinny’s Satay

Just last week, the Big Apple gave a warm welcome to Skinny’s Satay bar – the latest addition to Gansevoort Market’s vibrant food scene. Headed up by Stratis Morfogen, who brings experience from Jue Lan Club, Mr Chow and Philippe by Philippe Chow, the satay stand is set to serve up chicken, beef, shrimp, lobster,… Read more »