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16 January 2018

Feed: Why the World is Impassioned About Plastic

The world has a huge problem with plastic packaging waste. A central source of global pollution, the majority is single-use only, non-recyclable and never completely degrades, and, as such, is an entirely unsustainable product. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2050, there will be more waste plastic in the world’s oceans than fish – something… Read more »

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14 December 2015

Feed: Premium Food + Drink Subscriptions On the Up in London + UK

Pictured: Honest Brew products courtesy of Honest Brew   The trends for delivery and personalisation come to a head with the subscription trend, and we don’t mean The Times. Foodpreneurs are offering subscriptions for monthly premium selections of craft beers, rare and unusual chocolates, curated coffee beans, charcuterie, cheeses, meats and more for a rolling… Read more »

06 March 2017

Fast Feed: New York’s Cookie Doughs and Don’ts

Kristen Tomlan’s cookie Dō parlour is causing a storm among New Yorkers, serving cookies with a twist – they’re raw. While we’ve all indulged in what’s left in the mixing bowl, cookie dough is rarely considered a delicacy in itself, given that it’s unsafe to consume raw in large quantities. However, Tomlan’s perfected the ultimate… Read more »

21 June 2017

Fast Feed: A Snap Judgment on your Diet via Foodvisor

Hot on the heels of Pinterest’s new dish-recognition lens is French start-up Foodvisor – a new personalised dieting tool that allows you keep track of exactly what you’re eating just by taking a photograph. Using algorithmic technology, it takes a quick snap of your meal and breaks it down into fat, proteins, calories, carbs and… Read more »