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16 January 2018

Feed: Why the World is Impassioned About Plastic

The world has a huge problem with plastic packaging waste. A central source of global pollution, the majority is single-use only, non-recyclable and never completely degrades, and, as such, is an entirely unsustainable product. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2050, there will be more waste plastic in the world’s oceans than fish – something… Read more »

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08 November 2016

Fast Feed: Easy Ordering in Singapore’s Changi Airport Food Courts

Changi airport in Singapore is consistently voted one of the best in the world, and its food offering is as varied as the airport is vast. One of its concessions, The Straits Food Village, in Terminal 2, is leading the way with new technology that allows customers to order dishes from a touchscreen machine, pay with a… Read more »

22 May 2017

Fast Feed: Milking the Market – Slovenia’s Kefirko

Back in 2014, Slovenian company Kefirko introduced its first product to the market: a kefir-milk maker. Complete with a stirrer, ventilated lid and strainer, its original glass jar provides the optimum environment for fermentation. By simply adding kefir grain to regular cows’ milk or water, then leaving the solution in the jar to rest, you… Read more »

27 September 2016

Fast Feed: Tech Takes Over at Tossed

High-street healthy fast-food chain Tossed are experimenting with new, intuitive customer-led ordering systems, following the lead set last year by McDonalds. Their newly opened Coleman Street branch in London’s financial district is equipped with multiple touchscreen ordering points, which allow customers to enter their order and pay for it with the attached card reader (orders can also be… Read more »