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16 January 2018

Feed: Why the World is Impassioned About Plastic

The world has a huge problem with plastic packaging waste. A central source of global pollution, the majority is single-use only, non-recyclable and never completely degrades, and, as such, is an entirely unsustainable product. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2050, there will be more waste plastic in the world’s oceans than fish – something… Read more »

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19 July 2017

Fast Feed: Meal Kits in Their Prime

In a market-shifting move, Amazon has launched its 17-strong range of meal kits, sending shares at rival Blue Apron into a downward spiral. Currently available in the cities where Amazon offers its Fresh delivery service, the kits are by no means a money saving affair, with two-portion packs of salmon Niçoise salad with herb crust… Read more »

03 November 2015

Feed: The Rebirth of Local Food in London

Pictured: snaps from food neighbourhoods Crouch End and Peckham   By Matt Fleet   As rents continue to rise in London’s West End and City areas, and as the trend for buying local continues apace, we are starting to see a trend for quality “local” restaurants and food shops. Enticed by cheaper rents and the… Read more »