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04 November 2015

Feed: Emerging Health Food Trend – Hawaiian Raw Fish Pokē

Pictured: homemade Flavour Feed poke!   Pokē (pronounced: po-kay) is being touted as a new healthy food option – one composed of fresh, vibrant ingredients and with a touch of the exotic about it. The dish itself is a simple raw fish salad that hails from Hawaii and is enjoyed across the island, traditionally as… Read more »

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06 June 2018

Feed: We’d Bet The Farm on This – Urban Farming Scales New Heights

Hidden in some of the busiest corners of the world, new kinds of agricultural technology are starting a revolution in sustainable farming. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, more than 800 million people now grow food in and around cities, some of whom we’ve already covered (see here and here). These new companies,… Read more »

04 May 2016

Ingredient Focus: Miso Magic + the Cult of Koji

Pictured: grilled sweet potato with melted white miso butter   By Matt Fleet   Miso paste has been gaining in popularity outside of its native homeland, as Western chefs have discovered the intense depth of flavour it adds to many dishes, from soups and stews to salad dressings and butters. This all ties in with the… Read more »

01 February 2017

Feed: The Ascension of the Algorithm

While algorithms have been around in their most basic form since the medieval period, they are set to transform the technological landscape over the next few decades. In short, an algorithm is a set of instructions or processes to be followed, especially by a computer, to automate decisions and enhance efficiency, and they are changing… Read more »