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04 November 2015

Feed: Emerging Health Food Trend – Hawaiian Raw Fish Pokē

Pictured: homemade Flavour Feed poke!   Pokē (pronounced: po-kay) is being touted as a new healthy food option – one composed of fresh, vibrant ingredients and with a touch of the exotic about it. The dish itself is a simple raw fish salad that hails from Hawaii and is enjoyed across the island, traditionally as… Read more »

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04 January 2016

Fast Feed: Starbucks Isn’t Getting Left Behind in the Craft-Coffee Revolution

Amidst the growing market for premium artisan coffee, global coffee giant Starbucks isn’t faltering, as it develops the premium side of the business to great effect, with its high-end Reserve Roasteries & Tasting Rooms and progressive mobile payment systems propelling it forwards – as James B Stewart in The New York Times reports.    

30 January 2017

Press Roundup: The Week in Review

MONDAY 23 JANUARY – SUNDAY 29 JANUARY 2017 TOP TRENDS Xiao long bao Modern Mexican A nod to nostalgia Tacos Fish and chips Vegan eggs Mushroom coffee Veg-centric food The backlash against clean eating Amaro and bitters Salt and smoked meats Salt Bae   RESTAURANT REVIEWS AND NEWS Mei Dim, Manchester Marina O’Loughlin tries what… Read more »