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04 November 2015

Feed: Emerging Health Food Trend – Hawaiian Raw Fish Pokē

Pictured: homemade Flavour Feed poke!   Pokē (pronounced: po-kay) is being touted as a new healthy food option – one composed of fresh, vibrant ingredients and with a touch of the exotic about it. The dish itself is a simple raw fish salad that hails from Hawaii and is enjoyed across the island, traditionally as… Read more »

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28 June 2017

Fast Feed: Redzepi Goes Wild For Foraging

As the first of his three-part Vild Mad (wild food) initiative, René Redzepi has launched a foraging app to revolutionise how we see the landscape that surrounds us. ‘A comprehensive and free resource for the public to learn about and sustainably explore wild food’, the  app gives users an extensive guide to terrains such as… Read more »

06 April 2017

Fast Feed: Spirit of the Age – The Rise of the Ghost Restaurant

London’s insatiable appetite for high-quality home-delivered meals shows no sign of being sated any time soon. As a result, we’re now seeing the rise of ghost restaurants – that is, restaurants that are set up exclusively to cater for home delivery, with no physical dining room to speak of. A practice already quite well established in the… Read more »