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04 November 2015

Feed: Emerging Health Food Trend – Hawaiian Raw Fish Pokē

Pictured: homemade Flavour Feed poke!   Pokē (pronounced: po-kay) is being touted as a new healthy food option – one composed of fresh, vibrant ingredients and with a touch of the exotic about it. The dish itself is a simple raw fish salad that hails from Hawaii and is enjoyed across the island, traditionally as… Read more »

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14 September 2016

Feed: Hail Mary, The Evolution of a Cocktail Classic

Pictured: smoked pepper and bacon Bloody Mary   By Ashleigh Togher and Sophie Aghdami   Plain Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco just won’t cut it anymore as Sunday brunch stalwart the Bloody Mary gets some chic artisan makeovers. At this month’s End of the Road Festival we spotted Bloody Mary variations with scorpion hot sauce from Brighton Hot Stuff… Read more »

07 May 2016

Fast Feed: New Superfood Alert – Moringa

Pictured: moringa mango-cashew bar by health food purveyor Aduna   Moringa is a tree-based product that is being marketed as a new superfood – it’s full of the anti-aging nutrient zeatin and has more protein than milk. Currently it is marketed as a dietary supplement, but we think it could be a perfect addition to… Read more »