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04 November 2015

Feed: Emerging Health Food Trend – Hawaiian Raw Fish Pokē

Pictured: homemade Flavour Feed poke!   Pokē (pronounced: po-kay) is being touted as a new healthy food option – one composed of fresh, vibrant ingredients and with a touch of the exotic about it. The dish itself is a simple raw fish salad that hails from Hawaii and is enjoyed across the island, traditionally as… Read more »

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10 April 2018

Fast Feed: We’re Nuts about Alternative Milks

With the rise in vegan, plant-led eating over the past few years, the demand for non-dairy milk has grown rapidly, from the market-leading almond and soy varieties to the emerging macadamia (see our recent feed here) and cashew types. In fact, according to a US consumer study by Nielson, between 2010 and 2015, almond-milk sales increased… Read more »

03 November 2015

Fast Feed: Kitsch Chinese Breakfast at Chinese Laundry in London

Pictured: dinner at Chinese Laundry by Chinese Laundry   Chinese Laundry has opened on Upper Street in Islington, with an emphasis on Chinese breakfast and brunch. A kitsch, modern celebration of old-school Chinese, drop by for congee, “big baozi” dim sum, “egg hug dumplings” (essentially, a dumpling omelette), milky buns, tea eggs and “cong you bing”,… Read more »