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18 January 2018

Fast Feed: The Whole Picture – Food-Recognition Technology

In an increasingly crowded market, digital PAs – the likes of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Assistant – are evolving even further. In an attempt to stand out, Samsung is exploring a food-tech concept we’ve been watching for a while (see our 2018 Trends report): photo-based calorie-counting. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the company… Read more »

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03 April 2017

Fast Feed: The Virtues of Virtual Drinking

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have created a way to allow the sharing of tastes over the internet. In controlled experiments, they have been able to convince people they have been drinking cloudy lemonade when in fact they have been drinking water. An electrode around the rim of the glass mimics the sourness, while LED… Read more »

27 April 2018

Fast Feed: Imperfect Food Gets Flashy

Toronto company Flashfood is on a mission to help reduce food waste in the US and Canada. Dismayed at the amount of edible fare going to waste within the industry, its founders developed an innovative app that connects growers, grocers and restaurants looking to sell surplus or near-to-expiry produce with consumers looking to buy at… Read more »