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10 April 2018

Fast Feed: We’re Nuts about Alternative Milks

With the rise in vegan, plant-led eating over the past few years, the demand for non-dairy milk has grown rapidly, from the market-leading almond and soy varieties to the emerging macadamia (see our recent feed here) and cashew types. In fact, according to a US consumer study by Nielson, between 2010 and 2015, almond-milk sales increased… Read more »

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13 June 2017

Fast Feed: New-Wave Vegetable Dishes and Where to Eat Them

Forward-thinking, innovative chefs and restaurateurs are increasingly eschewing meat-heavy dishes in favour of intricately flavoured vegetable-led menus – a topic we’ve covered in depth in previous feeds. This shift towards plant-based dining has become an industry-wide movement and been adopted by everyone from street-food operators to Michelin-starred fine-dining restaurants. In recognition of this, the first… Read more »

06 March 2017

Fast Feed: New York’s Cookie Doughs and Don’ts

Kristen Tomlan’s cookie Dō parlour is causing a storm among New Yorkers, serving cookies with a twist – they’re raw. While we’ve all indulged in what’s left in the mixing bowl, cookie dough is rarely considered a delicacy in itself, given that it’s unsafe to consume raw in large quantities. However, Tomlan’s perfected the ultimate… Read more »

12 August 2016

Fast Feed: Crazy For Knafeh – From the Levant to Melbourne, Sydney and London

Knafeh is a Middle Eastern sweet cheese dessert traditionally topped with pistachios and drizzled with yoghurt, and it’s currently experiencing its time in the limelight, reinvented for the Instagram generation by Australia’s Knafeh bakery. It’s run by brothers Ameer and Joey el Issa (aka The Bearded Bakers) and operates out of a portable, repurposed shipping container. The… Read more »