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10 April 2018

Fast Feed: We’re Nuts about Alternative Milks

With the rise in vegan, plant-led eating over the past few years, the demand for non-dairy milk has grown rapidly, from the market-leading almond and soy varieties to the emerging macadamia (see our recent feed here) and cashew types. In fact, according to a US consumer study by Nielson, between 2010 and 2015, almond-milk sales increased… Read more »

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10 June 2016

Fast Feed: Acai Bowls Now at Whole Foods Piccadilly

The current trend for healthy breakfast bowls shows no sign of slowing down – Whole Foods Market in Piccadilly have just launched customisable acai bowls, which are available now from their prepared foods counter. Breakfast (or snacktime) never looked so good.

30 August 2017

Fast Feed: Jellyfish Crisps – The Sustainable Snack

With climate change triggering a mass increase in the world’s jellyfish population, University of Southern Denmark gastrophysicist Mie Thorborg Pedersen has managed to make a meal out of the gelatinous sea-dwellers. A far cry from the traditional Asian month-long method of transforming the fish with salt and alum into rubbery, noodle-esque strands, Pedersen’s paper-thin crisps… Read more »