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10 April 2018

Fast Feed: We’re Nuts about Alternative Milks

With the rise in vegan, plant-led eating over the past few years, the demand for non-dairy milk has grown rapidly, from the market-leading almond and soy varieties to the emerging macadamia (see our recent feed here) and cashew types. In fact, according to a US consumer study by Nielson, between 2010 and 2015, almond-milk sales increased… Read more »

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05 December 2017

Fast Feed: Mob Kitchen – Shoestring Cooking Made Simple

In a world of extravagantly priced health foods and soaring ingredient costs, cooking on a budget can seem a daunting task. This hasn’t deterred the team at Mob Kitchen, however, who believe anyone can make delicious, healthy, beautiful food on a shoestring. Set up by Benjamin Lebus – a canny graduate of the University of… Read more »

21 November 2016

Feed: The Wonders of Nutritional Yeast

Once a product found only on the dusty back shelves of health food stores, over the past few years, nutritional yeast has been finding favour with chefs and consumers alike. Made from deactivated yeast, nutritional yeast flakes are golden in colour and high in protein, with a deeply savoury flavour that’s both cheesy and nutty… Read more »

26 June 2017

Fast Feed: Sarlas’s New Soho Stalwart

Paul Sarlas’s latest culinary instalment, Ichi Buns, is set to open in Soho next month and destined to draw in diners with its winning burgers, buns and ramen combo. Maintaining a casual focus, menu items are priced accessibly, with the most expensive dish – king-crab ramen featuring shiitake mushrooms, roast onions, beansprouts, soya-marinated egg and… Read more »