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23 January 2018

Fast Feed: It’s Time to Touch Base with Tactile Food

In 2018, consumers are on the hunt for experiences. According to our Trends Report, people are starting to reconnect with their food in new ways, and social-media-savvy millennials are hungry for products that appeal to multiple senses, offering sounds, sights and texture, as well as taste. Colour is key, and food-and-drink producers are already using… Read more »

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09 September 2016

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Created from germinated barley and with a familiar sweet, creamy and wheaty taste, malt may be becoming more of a major ingredient within the booming trend for food nostalgia. Popularised on both sides of the Atlantic in the early-mid 1900s with the creation of malted-milk drink Horlicks, malted milk was thought to be a vitamin-packed,… Read more »

26 August 2016

Fast Feed: Pico House – Grain Bowls and Good Vibes in LA

Newly launched food truck Pico House, the brainchild of four former chefs from New York and Los Angeles, is bringing healthy, flavour-packed ancient-grain bowls to the streets. They use American-grown grains, which include farro, Glenn wheat berries and white wheat, as the basis for their bowls, which come with a variety of delicious toppings. On… Read more »

12 December 2017

Ingredient Spotlight: Kamut – The Latest Wonder Wheat

Khorasan wheat – commercially known as Kamut – has long been overlooked by the public, but it’s one of a number of ancient grains that have been starting to gain traction in the past year. Millet, quinoa, spelt and farrow have been climbing the ranks for a while now, and we recently published a feed on… Read more »