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23 January 2018

Fast Feed: It’s Time to Touch Base with Tactile Food

In 2018, consumers are on the hunt for experiences. According to our Trends Report, people are starting to reconnect with their food in new ways, and social-media-savvy millennials are hungry for products that appeal to multiple senses, offering sounds, sights and texture, as well as taste. Colour is key, and food-and-drink producers are already using… Read more »

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01 July 2016

Fast Feed: Dessert + Champagne Bar Mosquito in Vancouver

Encouraging Vancouverians to “eat dessert first” Mosquito dessert and Champagne bar in Gastown, Vancouver offers ‘a Champagne bar without the valet and a dessert bar without the frosting’ serving fine-dining style desserts like their broken peanut-butter and milk-chocolate bar with caramelised banana, popcorn gelato and aerated chocolate, plus savoury “not desserts” and Champagne and cocktails…. Read more »

06 June 2017

Fast Feed: Holland’s Killer Burger Kombu

While its name might bring Amsterdam’s fabled coffee shops to mind, the Dutch Weedburger is completely cannabis-free, created using seaweed from the nation’s coastline. Made with winterweed royal kombu, it is rich in high-quality proteins, omega acids and minerals, sandwiched between a wonderfully green-tinged chlorella-algae bun and topped with a sauce enriched with sea lettuce…. Read more »

03 March 2017

Feed Focus: Northcote Manor – Sowing the Seeds of the Future

Flavour Feed talks to Nigel Haworth, chef-patron at Northcote Manor, the UK’s first biodynamic hotel Connecting to nature more deeply, sowing seeds according to the lunar calendar, burying manure in the earth in cow’s horns – Nigel Haworth, Michelin-starred chef-patron at Lancashire’s Northcote Manor, long respected for its commitment to innovation, is turning culinary revolutionary… Read more »