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23 January 2018

Fast Feed: It’s Time to Touch Base with Tactile Food

In 2018, consumers are on the hunt for experiences. According to our Trends Report, people are starting to reconnect with their food in new ways, and social-media-savvy millennials are hungry for products that appeal to multiple senses, offering sounds, sights and texture, as well as taste. Colour is key, and food-and-drink producers are already using… Read more »

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20 April 2018

FF on the Hop: Editors’ Eats

Restaurants on our beat – the stalwarts, the buzzworthy and those fresh on the scene     Whipped cod’s roe, the signature turbot, and oysters at Brat Brat, Shoreditch, London Tomos Parry is on fire. His debut solo restaurant – which comes after creating a storm at Kitty Fisher’s and training at The Ledbury and… Read more »

22 March 2018

Fast Feed: Seaweed Tortillas Are A Wrapper’s Delight

If you could craft a truly sustainable food source from scratch, it would probably look a lot like seaweed. It requires no land, no fresh water, no pesticides or fertiliser – just saltwater and sunshine. Taking its eco-credentials to the next level is Amsterdam start-up Seamore, which has just launched a seaweed tortilla. ‘We get… Read more »