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19 April 2018

Fast Feed: The Mushroom Latte – Is Fungi Coffee Just a Fad?

In the past few years, we have seen coffee take on a whole host of new personae. Gone are the days when Nescafé, milk and a sugar would do the trick; nowadays, it seems the sky is the limit when it comes to caffeine. With turmeric, charcoal, beetroot and matcha lattes already on the menu,… Read more »

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01 May 2018

Fast Feed: What’s on the Menu? An Expert Panel’s Predictions

We were invited to a talk at the British Library last week entitled ‘What’s on the Menu? Food Choices in Contemporary Life’, which saw a panel comprising an academic, a chef and a journalist share a stage to grapple with the issues at hand. Professor Hazel Inskip of the University of Southampton, award-winning food writer… Read more »

17 December 2015

Feed: Watch The Salt – High-Salt Warnings on New York Menus

A symptom of the growing healthy food movement, New York mayor Bill de Blasio’s first big public health policy is targeting the overconsumption of salt: as of December 1 2015, restaurants with 15 or more locations across the country as well as concession stands at some movie theatres and sports arenas must warn on menus… Read more »

11 December 2015

Feed: The Rise of Edible (+ Inhalable) Cocktails in the UK

Pictured: Smith & Sinclair’s cocktail pastilles courtesy of Smith & Sinclair   Cocktails aren’t just for sipping anymore as a slew of bars and mixologists experiment with “cuptails”, nitro meringues, bubbles, jelly shots, sweets, snacks and smoke in the UK and the US. Today Rebecca Hardy for The Guardian reports on the trend, citing Chicago’s… Read more »