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19 April 2018

Fast Feed: The Mushroom Latte – Is Fungi Coffee Just a Fad?

In the past few years, we have seen coffee take on a whole host of new personae. Gone are the days when Nescafé, milk and a sugar would do the trick; nowadays, it seems the sky is the limit when it comes to caffeine. With turmeric, charcoal, beetroot and matcha lattes already on the menu,… Read more »

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23 June 2017

City Spotlight: New York, USA

New York City is a global leader in food trends, along with the likes of Los Angeles, London and Melbourne and what’s hot in NYC inevitably has an impact across the world. We take a look at the current state of culinary affairs. Overall Trends Health is wealth, from the rise of the vegetables to… Read more »

01 December 2016

Fast Feed: Japanese Desserts On The Menu At Kova, in Soho

Kova, the Japanese patisserie that has just opened in London’s St Anne’s Court, specialises in handmade cakes to which it gives an East Asian twist, and select Japanese teas and lattes. Its innovative bakes include strawberry shortcake, roll cake and the striking-looking mille crêpes, which are made by layering wafer-thin French crêpes with a light custard-cream… Read more »

24 May 2017

Fast Feed: Ikoyi – Refining and Redefining West African Cuisine

West African cuisine is gaining momentum on the restaurant scene, and the opening of Ikoyi in London this July is destined to cement its influence further. Founders Iré Hassan-Odukale and Jeremy Chan are hoping to exceed Londoners’ expectations of this fare by bringing on board some fine-dining expertise, delivered via head chef Chan’s stints at… Read more »