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19 April 2018

Fast Feed: The Mushroom Latte – Is Fungi Coffee Just a Fad?

In the past few years, we have seen coffee take on a whole host of new personae. Gone are the days when Nescafé, milk and a sugar would do the trick; nowadays, it seems the sky is the limit when it comes to caffeine. With turmeric, charcoal, beetroot and matcha lattes already on the menu,… Read more »

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14 February 2016

Book Review: Too Many Chiefs, Only One Indian by Sat Bains

Here at Flavour Feed, we’re not the only ones to think that this mighty tome – 450 pages with 700 high-quality images – is an object of desire. Its exquisite and elegant design by Anthony Hodgson, who owns the small publisher Face Publications, has won it numerous awards, including Best Designed Cookbook in the World Over… Read more »

24 October 2017

Fast Feed: Alexa, Say Hello to Epicurious

This week sees the launch of a new app from online food resource Epicurious – part of the Condé Nast publishing empire – for Amazon’s voice-operated personal assistant Alexa. Aimed specifically at the home cook, it enables users to access content curated by teams at Condé Nast’s Food Innovation Group (FIG) and its Co/Lab digital partnerships,… Read more »