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27 March 2018

Fast Feed: The Chocolate Trends Breaking the Mould

With Easter just around the corner, supermarket shelves across the land are groaning under the weight of vast quantities of chocolate. But what of the future of Britain’s favourite sweet treat? We take a look at the chefs, chocolatiers and general cacao enthusiasts taking chocolate to the next level. Available for aeons only in the… Read more »

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19 September 2016

Fast Feed: Smartfridges – a Taste of the Future

The idea of a smartfridge that will monitor your food and even do your shopping is one that has been talked about for a few years, and now it seems that it’s becoming reality. Samsung have just launched the Family Hub fridge, complete with a large touchscreen digital display on the door which connects via… Read more »

26 September 2016

PRESS ROUNDUP: The Week in Review

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 – SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 2016   LONDON, UK   TOP TRENDS: Indian street-food Authentic pizza Aubergine Middle Eastern flavours Sansho, Japanese peppercorn Sake Saffron and spice Charcoal and smoke Vegetarianism Health and wellbeing   RESTAURANT NEWS + REVIEWS: Calcutta Street, Fitzrovia Tom Parker Bowles in The Mail on Sunday heads to the… Read more »

20 March 2018

Fast Feed: Follow Your Gut Feeling

Here at Flavour Feed, we’re well versed in the health benefits of balanced gut flora. As we’ve previously noted, upsetting this finely tuned microbiome can not only lead to gastrointestinal disorders, but also neurological, respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. An increased awareness among consumers of the importance to general wellbeing of what’s going on inside has led… Read more »