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27 March 2018

Fast Feed: The Chocolate Trends Breaking the Mould

With Easter just around the corner, supermarket shelves across the land are groaning under the weight of vast quantities of chocolate. But what of the future of Britain’s favourite sweet treat? We take a look at the chefs, chocolatiers and general cacao enthusiasts taking chocolate to the next level. Available for aeons only in the… Read more »

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31 October 2016

Feed: Modern Alchemy and the New Health Foods

Pictured: Homestead Apothecary’s wall of herbs Words and pictures by Aleksandar Taralezhkov   From Homestead Apothecary’s championing of herbalism in Oakland through Zenbunni’s biodynamic chocolate to the LA-conceived Moon Juice’s provision of ‘a holistic lifestyle that goes far beyond juices, milks and snacks’, California is certainly the home of modern-day alchemy and a place for physical… Read more »

10 October 2017

Fast Feed: DouxMatok – Making Sugar Sweeter

With Western obesity rates still on the rise, Israeli startup DouxMatok has found a way of making sugar more efficient. With its now-patented technology, the sugar-reduction company says it can deliver sweetness to taste receptors more effectively, meaning you can eat less of it for the same effect.  After raising US$81m in funding, father and… Read more »

11 November 2015

Feed: Pide – The Middle Eastern Pizza Gaining Traction in London

By Matt Fleet   Despite a firmly established Turkish community in London, many people will be unfamiliar with regional Turkish cuisine. Pide (pronounced: pee-day) is basically the Turkish version of pizza. It simply consists of a thin bread with various toppings, and like pizza can be added to and improved in any number of ways… Read more »