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23 November 2017

Fast Feed: TastyFloats – Flying Into the Future

Floating food is the stuff of sci-fi, but it may be closer to your table than you think. Just last month, researchers from Sussex Computer Human Interaction Lab at the University of Sussex published a paper showcasing what they describe as a ‘contactless food-delivery system’ that levitates food with acoustic energy. They’ve called it TastyFloats,… Read more »

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05 June 2017

Press Roundup: The Week in Review

MONDAY 29 MAY – SUNDAY 4 JUNE 2017 TOP TRENDS Modern Mexican Jewish deli West African Barbecue Global flavours Burgers Tacos Dumplings Turmeric Gin Drone deliveries Customer-recognition systems The Brexit effect Personalisation Intelligent beer   RESTAURANT REVIEWS & NEWS Zobler’s Delicatessen, Bank, London In The Guardian, Jay Rayner takes a trip to New York-style Jewish… Read more »

04 January 2016

Fast Feed: Avocado Beer Met with Praise in Australia

And you thought there was nothing else left to do with an avocado? Think again. Daniel Wind of Bushshack Brewery in Yallingup, South West Australia created an avocado beer for the Avocado Festival held in November 2015 which was met with much acclaim. Actually a lager, the strong beer gets its bitterness and lovely creamy finish… Read more »

13 February 2018

Feed: A Taste of the Future at the Science Museum

At the end of last month, the Flavour Feed team were guests at an evening event at London’s Science Museum. For a few hours, the exhibition space was taken over by the latest techie developments and interactive explorations of the science behind food and drink. It offered a fascinating glimpse into the future for our industry… Read more »