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26 August 2016

Fast Feed: Somabar – Your Personal Robotic Bartender

Pre-mixed cocktails have been available for quite a while – at the Continental Deli in Sydney they even seal them in a can, which they then open for a bit of bar theatre – and now Somabar are taking things a step further. Somabar have invented the world’s first app-controlled robotic bartending machine – designed… Read more »

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19 April 2017

Fast Feed: Retro Food Gets the Fine-Dining Treatment

Memories not only help shape us, but stay with us we journey through life, informing our future experiences. Newly launched restaurant Six by Nico in Glasgow is tapping into this idea by running a series of fine-dining six-course tasting-menus based around our recollections of time and place. Its current menu is a nostalgic homage to… Read more »

17 November 2016

Fast Feed: Healthy Vending Machines Being Rolled Out in the US

In the West, vending machines have long been associated with unhealthy foods such as chocolate, crisps and soft drinks. But now, Stateside, PepsiCo is launching a new vending machine called Hello Goodness, which will be stocked with healthier snacks-to-go the likes of Smartfood Delight Popcorn, Sabra Ready-to-Eat Hummus Cups and Quaker Real Medley Bars. The high-tech,… Read more »

06 April 2017

Flavour Feed Report: Copenhagen’s Best Eats

RESTAURANTS & BARS 108 Launched late last year, Kristian Baumann’s 108 brings together his Noma expertise with a Danish laid-back feel. Dishes start at less than 100kr (around £11), with staff recommending three to four per person – affordably priced when you consider the restaurant now holds a Michelin star. Our favourites included the braised… Read more »