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22 March 2018

Fast Feed: Seaweed Tortillas Are A Wrapper’s Delight

If you could craft a truly sustainable food source from scratch, it would probably look a lot like seaweed. It requires no land, no fresh water, no pesticides or fertiliser – just saltwater and sunshine. Taking its eco-credentials to the next level is Amsterdam start-up Seamore, which has just launched a seaweed tortilla. ‘We get… Read more »

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01 February 2017

Fast Feed: Mad Max-style Mechanics Create ‘Tanks’ in LA

This might well be the noisiest doughnut you will ever eat. In downtown LA, bakers – sorry, ‘gastro mechanics’ – have swapped aprons and hats for work gloves and blowtorches to make ‘tanks’, sandwiches and desserts in doughnut form, thereby creating LA’s hottest (in every sense of the word) and certainly wildest food sensation. The… Read more »

12 June 2017

Expert Opinion: The Insect Incentive

Even though many cultures around the world are daily consumers of insects, in the West, there is still a taboo about eating creatures of the winged or crawling kind. In Sweden, moreover, it is actually illegal to sell them for public consumption. Yet insects are highly nutritious, containing high levels of protein and micronutrients, while being… Read more »