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22 March 2018

Fast Feed: Seaweed Tortillas Are A Wrapper’s Delight

If you could craft a truly sustainable food source from scratch, it would probably look a lot like seaweed. It requires no land, no fresh water, no pesticides or fertiliser – just saltwater and sunshine. Taking its eco-credentials to the next level is Amsterdam start-up Seamore, which has just launched a seaweed tortilla. ‘We get… Read more »

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14 June 2018

Fast Feed: Good Wine Needs No Bush – Replica Wine

Ari Walker didn’t know much about wine when he started out as a wine distributor. After spending hours tracking down specialist wines from vineyards across Italy, he quite quickly realised that the average wine drinker simply wants a wine that tastes good, but won’t break the bank. After teaming up with entrepreneur Kevin Hicks, owner… Read more »

07 December 2016

FF at Large: Editors’ Eats

LONDON, UK STELLAR STALWARTS Barrafina We visited on the second day of trading in their new home on Dean Street, right next door to Quo Vadis. It was as if it had been there forever and, like a Swiss train, it was running super-efficiently, with Nieves Barragán in the kitchen and Jose Etura running the… Read more »