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22 March 2018

Fast Feed: Seaweed Tortillas Are A Wrapper’s Delight

If you could craft a truly sustainable food source from scratch, it would probably look a lot like seaweed. It requires no land, no fresh water, no pesticides or fertiliser – just saltwater and sunshine. Taking its eco-credentials to the next level is Amsterdam start-up Seamore, which has just launched a seaweed tortilla. ‘We get… Read more »

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01 June 2017

May Review: This Month’s Trends, Curated

WORLD CUISINES Modern Mexican Jewish (see Monty’s Deli) Modern British West African (see Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen and Chuku’s) Ethiopian (see Etete) Filipino Malaysian Authentic Thai Modern Pacific British tapas/dim sum Sri Lankan Authentic Indian Louisiana/Creole   MOVEMENTS Indulgence Informality Convenience Clean eating Plant-based diets/flexitarianism The influence of Instagram Reducing food waste Provenance and sustainability  … Read more »

16 November 2016

Fast Feed: Los Angeles – a City of Plant-Led Plates and Vegetable Vibes

Los Angeles’ multicultural diversity is a catalyst for innovation and it’s fast becoming the best-eating city in the States, the go-to place to find creative and inventive chefs and restaurants. A perfect example of this is the recently opened P.Y.T. (from chef Josef Centeno), a forward-thinking restaurant where vegetables take centre stage. Centeno doesn’t try to… Read more »

10 November 2016

Ingredient Spotlight: Persimmon – Holidays Are Coming…

As the holiday season approaches, we’re seeing supermarket shelves fill with an array of seasonal ingredients. One of these is the persimmon (also known as Spanish kaki fruit or Israeli sharon fruit)  – a wonderfully flavoursome and versatile fruit. Mainly grown and eaten in Asia, persimmons are also cultivated in the United States, southern Europe… Read more »