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22 March 2018

Fast Feed: Seaweed Tortillas Are A Wrapper’s Delight

If you could craft a truly sustainable food source from scratch, it would probably look a lot like seaweed. It requires no land, no fresh water, no pesticides or fertiliser – just saltwater and sunshine. Taking its eco-credentials to the next level is Amsterdam start-up Seamore, which has just launched a seaweed tortilla. ‘We get… Read more »

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21 April 2017

Book Review: On Vegetables by Jeremy Fox

Esteemed California chef Jeremy Fox is back, and it’s with his new cookbook, On Vegetables – a very personal ode to plant-based cuisine. While Fox himself is not a vegetarian, ‘he happens to be naturally gifted with handling produce, and his passion for seed-to-stalk, nose-to-tail vegetable cooking is undoubted,’ explains Momofuku’s David Chang in the… Read more »

27 September 2017

FF at Large: Editors’ Eats

STELLAR STALWARTS Pear Tatin at The Riverside The Riverside at Aymestrey, Herefordshire The Riverside is considered the most interesting restaurant close to the most food-obsessed of towns, Ludlow, and its chef-patron Andy Link is a passionate supporter of the Slow Food movement. This virtuoso dinner not only highlighted the ingredients of a number of Slow Food… Read more »

07 July 2017

Fast Feed: The Karma That Comes From Rethinking Food Waste

Developed by a Swedish startup, Karma is an app designed to help restaurants, grocers and cafés reduce their food waste by selling their surplus to consumers at reduced prices. Since launching in November 2016, its founders have quickly established themselves as market innovators and currently have more than 100,000 registered users, including Sweden’s leading grocery… Read more »