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11 October 2017

Fast Feed: Pinole – The New Staple Superfood

Ancient-grain mixture and nutritional powerhouse pinole (pronouned pih-nole) might be about to break into the market as the next superfood catnip for health-conscious foodies. Originally developed and spread through Mesoamerica by the Aztecs over 500 years ago, pinole has, until now, had only a relatively cult following of runners and endurance athletes. The grain-mix was… Read more »

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27 February 2018

Fast Feed: Personalised diet? Suits you, sir

Rather than the off-the-shelf solutions and government diktats of the past, it’s looking likely that personalised nutrition will be commonplace in the not-too-distant future. An American paper published by the scientific journal Genetics suggests genes play a key role in influencing the ways our bodies respond to different diets. For the purposes of this study,… Read more »

02 March 2017

Fast Feed: Fresh Filipino Flavours in California

Filipino food has been getting more and more attention of late (see our previous feeds here and here) and now, in California, we’re starting to see it being reimagined, giving a modern spin to what has been, till recently, a very traditional cuisine. One such place doing just this is Irenia in Santa Ana, headed… Read more »

15 February 2016

Fast Feed: Service with Style! Chic Chef Trousers for Women

Pictured: PolkaPants houndstooth trouser from PolkaPants   Tackling the age-old issue of unflattering and uncomfortable unisex chef trousers, PolkaPants from Australian-born London-based fashion designer and chef Maxine Thompson offers tailored, high-waisted and comfortable chef trousers in a chic monochrome polka dot, houndstooth and classic black for the discerning modern chef.