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24 November 2016

Fast Feed: Personalised Food – the DNA diet

The market for home meal kits is steadily growing, and a new startup based in San Francisco, Habit, is developing an innovative new version that will be tailored to an individual’s needs, informed by their own unique biology. It plans to do this via a form of DNA profiling: customers will be sent a test kit that records… Read more »

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20 March 2016

Fast Feed: Are Hemp Seeds the New Chia?

The same species as the cannabis plant, hemp seeds are downright nutritious and packed with protein, healthy fats and minerals. Seen in Montreal these Hemp Hearts are ripe for sprinkling on salads, cereal or yoghurt, like the much-heralded chia seed.

16 December 2016

Fast Feed: Lambswool – A Traditional Seasonal Tipple

Lambswool is an old English drink that dates back to Tudor times. Rather like a historic version of mulled cider, it is associated with the tradition of wassailing, the Anglo-Saxon tradition of sharing a drink from a large ‘wassail bowl’ –  ‘wassail’ being the Old English equivalent of ‘cheers’ – and is mentioned in Robert Herrick’s poem Twelfth… Read more »