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24 November 2016

Fast Feed: Personalised Food – The DNA diet

The market for home meal kits is steadily growing, and San Francisco startup Habit is developing an innovative new version that will be tailored to an individual’s needs, informed by their own unique biology. It plans to do this via a form of DNA profiling: customers will be sent a test kit that records their DNA, blood and body… Read more »

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29 June 2017

Fast Feed: DSM Gets Ahead In The Gluten-Free Game

After two years in development, DSM’s BakeZyme is set to revolutionise gluten-free fare in the mainstream market. Extracted from fermented rice flour, the enzyme enhances the moistness and softness of gluten-free bread, offering a step-up from current varieties, which often fall short on the texture front, proving hard and dry. Available in five different forms… Read more »

14 February 2017

Fast Feed: Kraft Introduces Facebook Philly Bot

In a clever new marketing campaign, American cream-cheese company Philadelphia has debuted its ‘bot technology’ on Facebook Messenger. Just click ‘get started’ on its messenger conversation box and the automated Philly bot will ‘reply instantly’ promising to ‘hit right back with some tasty recipes’. Its suggestions are naturally all Philadelphia-themed and promise to satisfy cravings… Read more »

28 March 2017

Fast Feed: All-Day Japanese Dining at Machiya

Taking its name from that of the classic Kyoto townhouse, Machiya is a new all-day Japanese diner set to open in Soho, London. The latest venture of Aaron Burgess-Smith and Tony Lam, the partners behind the popular ramen restaurant Kanada-Ya, it will focus on authentic home-style cooking and feature dishes such as gyukatsu – deep- fried, breaded… Read more »