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20 February 2018

Fast Feed: Biohacking – The New Nootropics

The hectic lifestyle of modern shoppers has meant many are looking for new ways to improve mental wellbeing through food and drink. As pointed out in our 2018 Trend Report, a flexible and balanced diet has become an integral element of a good self-care routine, and we’re seeing a fresh focus on the concept of… Read more »

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14 March 2017

Feed: Eating Clean with Korean Temple Cuisine

The cuisine of Korea has been one of the fastest rising of the past few years, and its stellar trajectory shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Best known for dishes such as fried chicken, barbecued meats and bibimbap, Korean food actually has a lot more depth and breadth than this, however; it… Read more »

06 April 2017

Fast Feed: Spirit of the Age – The Rise of the Ghost Restaurant

London’s insatiable appetite for high-quality home-delivered meals shows no sign of being sated any time soon. As a result, we’re now seeing the rise of ghost restaurants – that is, restaurants that are set up exclusively to cater for home delivery, with no physical dining room to speak of. A practice already quite well established in the… Read more »

22 May 2017

Fast Feed: Milking the Market – Slovenia’s Kefirko

Back in 2014, Slovenian company Kefirko introduced its first product to the market: a kefir-milk maker. Complete with a stirrer, ventilated lid and strainer, its original glass jar provides the optimum environment for fermentation. By simply adding kefir grain to regular cows’ milk or water, then leaving the solution in the jar to rest, you… Read more »