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20 February 2018

Fast Feed: Biohacking – The New Nootropics

The hectic lifestyle of modern shoppers has meant many are looking for new ways to improve mental wellbeing through food and drink. As pointed out in our 2018 Trend Report, a flexible and balanced diet has become an integral element of a good self-care routine, and we’re seeing a fresh focus on the concept of… Read more »

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31 July 2017

July Review: This Month’s Trends, Curated

WORLD CUISINES Home-style Indian cooking (see Darjeeling Express) Regional Chinese Filipino British bistronomy Modern British Korean Taiwanese (see Xu) Nordic Regional Italian West African Mexican home-style cooking Southern American MOVEMENTS Clean-eating Convenience Pop-ups going permanent Health is wealth Veganism and plant-based eating Indulgence The demise of fine dining Nostalgic food   TECHNOLOGY The influence of… Read more »

15 November 2017

Fast Feed: Whole Foods’ Top 10 Food Trends 2018

High-end health-food grocer Whole Foods has just released its annual list of food trends for 2018. Drawing on its team of global buyers and experts in every corner of the market, it has scoured the food-and-drink scene – everything from meat to martinis – to find out what’s set to be hot in the coming year…. Read more »

13 June 2017

Fast Feed: New-Wave Vegetable Dishes and Where to Eat Them

Forward-thinking, innovative chefs and restaurateurs are increasingly eschewing meat-heavy dishes in favour of intricately flavoured vegetable-led menus – a topic we’ve covered in depth in previous feeds. This shift towards plant-based dining has become an industry-wide movement and been adopted by everyone from street-food operators to Michelin-starred fine-dining restaurants. In recognition of this, the first… Read more »