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20 February 2018

Fast Feed: Biohacking – The New Nootropics

The hectic lifestyle of modern shoppers has meant many are looking for new ways to improve mental wellbeing through food and drink. As pointed out in our 2018 Trend Report, a flexible and balanced diet has become an integral element of a good self-care routine, and we’re seeing a fresh focus on the concept of… Read more »

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16 August 2017

Fast Feed: ‘Dirty’ Ice Cream Cleans up in the British Capital

Newly opened in Kentish Town, London, is Mamasons, a Filipino street-style so-called ‘dirty’ ice-cream parlour. It specialises in the type of homemade ice cream sold by street vendors on pedal bikes throughout the Philippines – and the word ‘dirty’ in this context, you’ll be relieved to hear, means non-corporate, rather than being an indication of the… Read more »

08 September 2017

Fast Feed: British Umami – Look No Fava

Independent British bean and pulse specialist growers Hodmedod, which has made a name for itself by championing heritage and obscure varieties, has just launched a new product: fava umami paste. This deeply savoury paste, with fruity and sherry back-notes, is its take on miso, but made with fermented UK-grown fava beans rather than soya beans…. Read more »