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01 September 2016

Fast Feed: M.Con – Making Bing a Thing in LA

Newly opened M.Con in LA is a modern Taiwanese eatery that specialises in filled bing – not the thin pancake style common in Eastern China, but the thicker, easy-to-grasp, Taiwanese version. These stuffed Asian “scallion sandwich buns” look great and are packed full of ingredients such as fried chicken, pork belly and five-spice beef brisket… Read more »

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30 March 2016

Fast Feed: World’s First Ready-to-Drink Bulletproof Coffee

Pictured: Grass Fed Coffee courtesy of Grass Fed Coffee   Get ready, Paleo-lovers; the world’s first ready-to-drink bulletproof coffee is in production and will soon be available to buy in the US. Called Grass Fed Coffee, this curious good-for-you brew combines fair trade organic brewed coffee with grass-fed butter, distilled MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil and… Read more »

21 February 2017

Fast Feed: Ketchup Conundrum Solved

Not long after the great ketchup debate earlier this month, in which Brits parleyed over whether it should be kept in the fridge or cupboard, our favourite condiment is back in the news again. Since the 1970s, we’ve thought the secret to emptying a glass bottle of Heinz ketchup was by hitting the 57 on… Read more »

17 March 2017

Fast Feed: Automatic for the People: Mumbai’s Railway Vending Machines

In a move away from unhygienic food stalls, Indian Railways is to introduce automatic vending machines to its suburban A1- and A-grade stations in Mumbai. These new machines will dispense hot and ready-to-go thin-crust pizza that customers will be able to customise by choosing from a range of toppings. Almost unbelievably, the pizza will be ready… Read more »