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24 April 2018

Fast Feed: Why LA’s Alternative Convenience Store isn‘t so la-la

Newly opened in Los Angeles is The Goods Mart – a convenience store with a difference. Set up by former health and food PR Rachel Krupa, who had become frustrated at not being able to find healthy snacking options in her local 7-Eleven, it has a simple premise: ditch the junk food. Designed to promote… Read more »

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15 November 2017

Fast Feed: Whole Foods’ Top 10 Food Trends 2018

High-end health-food grocer Whole Foods has just released its annual list of food trends for 2018. Drawing on its team of global buyers and experts in every corner of the market, it has scoured the food-and-drink scene – everything from meat to martinis – to find out what’s set to be hot in the coming year…. Read more »

17 December 2015

Feed: Watch The Salt – High-Salt Warnings on New York Menus

A symptom of the growing healthy food movement, New York mayor Bill de Blasio’s first big public health policy is targeting the overconsumption of salt: as of December 1 2015, restaurants with 15 or more locations across the country as well as concession stands at some movie theatres and sports arenas must warn on menus… Read more »