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17 October 2017

Fast Feed: Jar Bars – Lunches in Layers

Instagram-friendly food is all the rage of late. Increasingly we’re seeing concepts popularised by social media, such as the current craze for plant-based meals layered in mason jars. Think ingredients such as turmeric quinoa and honey and mustard glazed beetroot. (The layering helps to keep the components from becoming a mush.) These rainbow creations have been… Read more »

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01 December 2016

Fast Feed: Japanese Desserts On The Menu At Kova, in Soho

Kova, the Japanese patisserie that has just opened in London’s St Anne’s Court, specialises in handmade cakes to which it gives an East Asian twist, and select Japanese teas and lattes. Its innovative bakes include strawberry shortcake, roll cake and the striking-looking mille crêpes, which are made by layering wafer-thin French crêpes with a light custard-cream… Read more »

07 June 2017

Fast Feed: Getting Creative with Coffee

Hot on the heels of the avo-latte is the carrot-cino, served up at Locals Corner in Seaforth, Sydney. The latest take on coffee-veg fusion, this intriguing beverage sees one end of a rustic root filled with a caffeine-packed cappuccino shot, with high caffeine content necessary due to its piccolo size. While café owner Vanja Butina… Read more »