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17 October 2017

Fast Feed: Jar Bars – Lunches in Layers

Instagram-friendly food is all the rage of late. Increasingly we’re seeing concepts popularised by social media, such as the current craze for plant-based meals layered in mason jars. Think ingredients such as turmeric quinoa and honey and mustard glazed beetroot. (The layering helps to keep the components from becoming a mush.) These rainbow creations have been… Read more »

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12 September 2016

PRESS ROUNDUP: The Week in Review

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 – SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 2016   LONDON, UK: TOP TRENDS: Obesity Backlash for clean eating Turkish Southern European: Catalonia, Sicily, etc. Goat meat Pickling Simple dining/cooking Baking – back to basics Food delivery   RESTAURANT NEWS + REVIEWS: Yosma, Bakers Street A new force in the ‘vivid flickering in the coals of… Read more »

05 April 2017

Ingredient Spotlight: Fantastically Versatile Fonio

Pierre Thiam, a Senegalese chef and entrepreneur now based in New York City, is on a mission to bring the food of West Africa to wider global attention – and, in particular, the versatile, nutty-flavoured ancient-grain fonio. A member of the millet family, fonio has been cultivated and eaten for thousands of years and is… Read more »