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17 October 2017

Fast Feed: Jar Bars – Lunches in Layers

Instagram-friendly food is all the rage of late. Increasingly we’re seeing concepts popularised by social media, such as the current craze for plant-based meals layered in mason jars. Think ingredients such as turmeric quinoa and honey and mustard glazed beetroot. (The layering helps to keep the components from becoming a mush.) These rainbow creations have been… Read more »

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19 July 2016

Fast Feed: A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches

According to a report on world eating habits, Britons spend less than half as much time preparing lunch as our continental neighbours and one meal in ten is a sandwich – which is usually pre-prepared and pre-packaged and grabbed on the go from somewhere like Pret or Eat. Over in NYC, the sandwich is an… Read more »

25 July 2018

Feed : The Great French Wheat Revival

The past few years have been difficult ones for wheat – the grain that was once, along with the bread born of its flour, considered to be part of the very foundations of life itself. For millennia wheat has been imbued with both social and religious meanings, but recently the gluten that has given it… Read more »