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16 March 2018

Fast Feed: The Instagram Backlash – All Hail, Brilliant Beige

If you go out to eat or make a wonderful home-cooked dinner, and don’t post a photo online, did it even happen? Instagram has become a key conduit for showing off dishes in the modern world, so much so that it has started to exert influence on the way we cook, and, in turn, what… Read more »

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13 July 2016

Fast Feed: Ramen, Who You Calling Chicken?

Melbourne, like New York and London, is awash with great ramen joints and amongst the many Hakata Gensuke is much loved for it’s authentic tonkatsu ramen. It already has three sites and is now opening a fourth which will have a menu dedicated to chicken – from four different chicken ramens (based around a light, clear chicken… Read more »

06 October 2016

Fast Feed: Innovative Grapes from California’s Grapery

Recently spotted in NY’s Dean and DeLuca delicatessen are these uniquely long and thin Teardrop grapes. They’re grown in California by a farm called the Grapery, who specialise in new and innovative variations of table grapes – all developed though a long process of all-natural cross-pollination. Some of the other varieties they grow include the “cotton candy”, which have a… Read more »

22 February 2018

Fast Feed: Food Deliverer DoorDash is Hungry For Change

Despite the hunger crisis across many parts of America, restaurants can’t serve leftover food again the following day by law, meaning much of it goes to waste. Now, US meal-delivery company DoorDash is killing two birds with one stone by using its algorithm to deliver extra food to local food banks. DoorDash is piloting its… Read more »