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16 March 2018

Fast Feed: The Instagram Backlash – All Hail, Brilliant Beige

If you go out to eat or make a wonderful home-cooked dinner, and don’t post a photo online, did it even happen? Instagram has become a key conduit for showing off dishes in the modern world, so much so that it has started to exert influence on the way we cook, and, in turn, what… Read more »

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09 May 2017

Ingredient Spotlight: Tofu Skin – Have You Tried Yuba Yet?

Tofu skin, known in Japan as yuba, is made from the thin veil that forms when soy milk is boiled, and can be used fresh, fermented or dried. While the skin does not technically qualify as tofu, owing to the absence of coagulant in the forming process, its flavour is undeniably similar to the soya… Read more »

29 November 2016

Fast Feed: The Growth of Urban Farming

How to continue feeding the world’s increasingly urbanised population is an ongoing issue, and one possible solution that is being explored is city farming. French startup Agricool has just raised $4m to develop a series of farms in old shipping containers sited around Paris. Growing food and vegetables in containers requires minimal land because they… Read more »

02 June 2017

Fast Feed: Want to Arepa-ir Your Brain?

An entirely plant-based drink that promises greater mental clarity, Arepa has its sights on being the ultimate elixir in the fast-developing functional-drinks market.  Developed in New Zealand with the aid of neuroscientists, and subject to robust clinical trials, the 100% caffeine-free antioxidant-rich beverage claims to support concentration and mood, reducing brain fog, tension and fatigue…. Read more »