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22 February 2018

Fast Feed: Fit for Purpose – The New Healthy-Eating Tracker

Many of us find it challenging to eat well and maintain a healthy body weight, in part, because nutrition advice is often as changeable as it is dogmatic. With technology increasingly creeping into the world of food and drink, the latest developments on our radar are food-recognition apps and devices that make it easier to manage… Read more »

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21 July 2016

Fast Feed: Pide + Lahmacun on Charlotte Street

Just spotted on Charlotte Street is this new casual eatery simply called Pide. Unsurprisingly, they specialise in pide and lahmacun, but also offer kofte and chicken wings, alongside a selection of simple, fresh salads – think lots of fresh tomato, sumac and Turkish pepper. The food is available for take-away or you can eat in the small… Read more »

14 February 2018

Fast Feed: Sour Notes

With industry giants and small companies alike looking for new ways to bring our taste buds alive, science will play a big part in the future of food. The tastes, textures and colours on our plates will be elevated to new levels with the help of newly discovered ingredients and a better understanding of how… Read more »

21 February 2017

Feed: One World – A Celebration of Multiculturalism Through Food

It’s fair to say the past year has been one of political strife, one in which reactionary ideas triumphed over ones of inclusivity. But as always, the proliferation of divisive and hateful politics has not come without hope. Celebrations of difference and diversity are everywhere to be seen, with women’s marches on every continent and… Read more »