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22 February 2018

Fast Feed: Fit for Purpose – The New Healthy-Eating Tracker

Many of us find it challenging to eat well and maintain a healthy body weight, in part, because nutrition advice is often as changeable as it is dogmatic. With technology increasingly creeping into the world of food and drink, the latest developments on our radar are food-recognition apps and devices that make it easier to manage… Read more »

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12 May 2017

Fast Feed: The Colour-Changing Packaging That Knows if Food is Fresh

There’s been much debate in the food industry as to the effectiveness of the use-by, sell-by and best-before dates that appear on packaged food. Not only do they prove confusing to the consumer, but they also exacerbate the ongoing problem of food waste. But multinational plastics manufacturer Braskem has come up with a high-tech solution… Read more »