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16 August 2017

Fast Feed: ‘Dirty’ Ice Cream Cleans up in the British Capital

Newly opened in Kentish Town, London, is Mamasons, a Filipino street-style so-called ‘dirty’ ice-cream parlour. It specialises in the type of homemade ice cream sold by street vendors on pedal bikes throughout the Philippines – and the word ‘dirty’ in this context, you’ll be relieved to hear, means non-corporate, rather than being an indication of the… Read more »

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18 May 2017

Feed: The Irrepressible Rise of Fast-Casual

The US fast-casual sector is predicted to reach US$66.87bn by 2020, according to analysis by Technavio. Beneficial to restaurateurs in an increasingly harsh financial climate, fast-casual venues are the answer to increasing rates, rents and wages, reducing the need for servers and even bricks-and-mortar venues, in some cases. This doesn’t mean skimping on quality, however,… Read more »

14 February 2017

Feed: Vevolution – The London Vegans in the Vanguard

In November 2016, the growth of the British vegan movement was marked by the launch of a successful festival, Vevolution, which has since organised a string of events to connect and further educate what is becoming a booming community. Flavour Feed attended Food Innovation, the first of these, where we heard from some of veganism’s movers… Read more »

12 January 2017

Fast Feed: Bread Mixes with Nutrients to Boot

Spotted at Wholefoods this morning and continuing the trend for adding nutrients to foods: Jeam organic bread mixes, available with added matcha, baobab, cacao or spirulina & chlorella. These vitamin- and nutrient-rich mixes are made by self-confessed outdoorsy types and rescue-greyhound addicts Janet and Marcus Andrews-MacKay in rural Somerset, England. Simply add water, milk and oil… Read more »