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16 August 2017

Fast Feed: ‘Dirty’ Ice Cream Cleans up in the British Capital

Newly opened in Kentish Town, London, is Mamasons, a Filipino street-style so-called ‘dirty’ ice-cream parlour. It specialises in the type of homemade ice cream sold by street vendors on pedal bikes throughout the Philippines – and the word ‘dirty’ in this context, you’ll be relieved to hear, means non-corporate, rather than being an indication of the… Read more »

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31 May 2018

Fast Feed: A Rebel With a Cause – Rebbl Drinks

With the clean-eating craze and the UK’s sugar tax turning consumers away from sweetened drinks in favour of healthy alternatives, there’s a flood of new-wave-drinks makers on the scene, hoping to cash in on the demand. We’ve reported extensively on the recent soft-drinks-market overhaul, from the rise of birch, maple and even cactus drinks, to… Read more »

09 June 2016

Feed Focus: The Big Breakfast Shake-Up

Ordering a full English is so passé; it now has to be a Spanglish with chorizo and morcilla, or baked eggs and shakshuka. But even these have become a bit of a cliché and are now being dressed up with added spice and interesting and luxe accompaniments, whether it be with crab at London’s Andaz… Read more »

24 March 2017

Fast Feed: The African Food Art Tour Hits The Road

The African Food Art Tour is an initiative set up by African-based Parisian chef Loïc Dablé that aims to promote the continent’s art and food, both that produced within Africa and among its global diaspora. This international tour will bring Dablé’s interpretation of contemporary African cuisine to cultural institutions such as museums and galleries, and offer… Read more »