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07 March 2018

Fast Feed: Fast-Food Fridges with the Feel-Good Factor

Farmer’s Fridge, another of the startups exhibiting at this year’s FoodBytes!, is an innovative micro-restaurant concept pioneering automated fridges. The self-serve 12sq ft machines dispense meals and snacks designed and prepared by the company, which uses Internet of Things technology to communicate with customers and meet real-time demand based on the data it collects daily…. Read more »

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07 December 2015

Fast Feed: Rising Cookie, Brownie, Muffin + Cake Sales in UK

The Guardian reports on the rise in sales of brownies, cookies, muffins, croissants and cakes in the UK as “The Great British Bake-Off Effect” takes hold. Market analysts NPD Group are cited saying that traditional English treats like scones and tea cakes are sinking ‘by just over a quarter to 150m servings in the year… Read more »

23 February 2018

Fast Feed: Something Brewing in the Beer

During a recent trip to La Cave à Bulles, an artisanal-beer cellar in the heart of Paris, we spotted another take on the trend for edible upcycling: Brewsticks, an innovative new snack made from the spent grains of the brewing process. The bar offers a huge choice of craft beers incorporating adventurous new flavours, and it’s clear… Read more »