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07 March 2018

Fast Feed: Fast-Food Fridges with the Feel-Good Factor

Farmer’s Fridge, another of the startups exhibiting at this year’s FoodBytes!, is an innovative micro-restaurant concept pioneering automated fridges. The self-serve 12sq ft machines dispense meals and snacks designed and prepared by the company, which uses Internet of Things technology to communicate with customers and meet real-time demand based on the data it collects daily…. Read more »

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01 December 2017

2017: The Year’s Trends, Curated

WORLD CUISINES This year has been all about… Global Authenticity, Inauthenticity & Regionality From Mexican to Indian, Spanish to Italian, Thai to Chinese, and beyond. The focus has been on… The Americas American fusion – think American-African (see Red Rooster), American-Italian (see Hai Cenato) and American-Jewish (see Zobler’s Deli and Monty’s Deli) American South –… Read more »

25 May 2017

Fast Feed: The Shazam for Home Chefs

Thanks to Pinterest’s new Lens tool, iPhone users in the United States can now recreate their favourite meals at home. Using computer vision technology, the company’s dish-recognition feature carefully identifies the ingredients used and matches them up with pre-existing recipes on the app. Pinterest users can also filter their search further, taking into account variables… Read more »

23 September 2016

Fast Feed: Authentic Japanese à Paris

Japanese chefs continue to seduce Parisians with their blend of invention and simplicity. Kei Kobayashi of Kei, Akihiro Horikoshi of 16-seater La Table d’Akihiro and Katsuak Okayami of Abri are just a few of the pioneering chefs who have been introducing authentic Japanese cooking to the city with their delicate, subtle flavours. Small Japanese-style cantines like Peco Peco… Read more »