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20 October 2016

Fast Feed: The Elevation of Bing – The Next Big Thing?

Bing, the Eastern Chinese flatbread or crepe based street snack (see our earlier feed on it) is something that we’re yet to see really cross over into the mainstream. It can be found in Chinatowns from New York to London with its authentic filling of egg, deep-fried wonton wrappers and overly processed sausage, but so far it has… Read more »

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29 November 2016

Fast Feed: The Growth of Urban Farming

How to continue feeding the world’s increasingly urbanised population is an ongoing issue, and one possible solution that is being explored is city farming. French startup Agricool has just raised $4m to develop a series of farms in old shipping containers sited around Paris. Growing food and vegetables in containers requires minimal land because they… Read more »

23 February 2018

Fast Feed: Ikea Ventures into Vegan

Ikea is set to launch its first vegan hotdog. The Swedish retailer announced on Instagram its plans to trial the plant-based dish in its Malmö store, with the intention of rolling out the new offering in other European branches in August. The news follows the release of Ikea’s range of veggie meatballs in 2015, adding to… Read more »

17 January 2018

Fast Feed: The Invasion of Algae – Taking on Chocolate

A world away from the pond, algae spells big business for the food-and-drink industry. We covered the ingredient in all its green glory earlier this month, with a focus on the ethical and environmental appeal. However, the superfood has huge appeal for its health benefits, too, making it ideal for dietary supplements as well as… Read more »