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20 October 2016

Fast Feed: The Elevation of Bing – The Next Big Thing?

Bing, the Eastern Chinese flatbread or crepe based street snack (see our earlier feed on it) is something that we’re yet to see really cross over into the mainstream. It can be found in Chinatowns from New York to London with its authentic filling of egg, deep-fried wonton wrappers and overly processed sausage, but so far it has… Read more »

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11 January 2018

Ingredient Spotlight: Aronia Berries

With the dawn of every new year comes another miracle ingredient – the holy grail of edibles for every Instagram-savvy, health-conscious food lover. This week, Felicity Cloake dubbed 2018 the turn of moringa, the protein-packed super powder we spotted back in May 2016. The Times magazine even called it ‘the next quinoa’. But, while the… Read more »

27 July 2017

Fast Feed: Whey to Go

While whey has been part of the Scandi diet for decades, it’s only recently begun to appear again on the British food scene, in the form of complex butters, cheeses and clean-tasting vodka. Termed a ‘forgotten food’ by Slow Food UK, it has more commonly been allowed to go to waste or been used to… Read more »

02 February 2017

Fast Feed: Joule – ‘Wear your caffeine’

Gone are days blighted by an 11am caffeine crash, according to designers at Joule, who have created a bracelet that lets you ‘wear your caffeine’. So how does it work? Caffeine can be absorbed transdermally – that is, through your skin – as well as orally, explains Joule, with the former ensuring a slower, more… Read more »