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20 October 2016

Fast Feed: The Elevation of Bing – The Next Big Thing?

Bing, the Eastern Chinese flatbread or crepe based street snack (see our earlier feed on it) is something that we’re yet to see really cross over into the mainstream. It can be found in Chinatowns from New York to London with its authentic filling of egg, deep-fried wonton wrappers and overly processed sausage, but so far it has… Read more »

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17 May 2017

Fast Feed: C’go – The Locally Sourced Breakfast Blend

Hot on the heels of Up&Go and UFIT brands, nutrition expert Dr Adrian Massey’s new venture, C’go, is set to ‘revolutionise breakfast cereal and bring it into the 21st century’. The first breakfast beverage to combine a whole bowl of multigrain cereal with milk, C’go claims to provide a portion of wholegrain three times larger… Read more »

17 October 2016

Press Roundup: The Week in Review

MONDAY, OCTOBER 10 – SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16 2016   LONDON, UK:   TOP TRENDS: Street food – from markets to permanent restaurants Restaurants run with integrity and ownership Authentic flavours through a British lens Basque flavours Observer Food Monthly Awards Coffee Labneh   RESTAURANT NEWS + REVIEWS: Kiln, Soho Fay Maschler in The Evening Standard… Read more »

06 February 2018

Fast Feed: Mini Mill – The Future of Flour

The Future Market’s progressive cannabis concept Micro Green featured in one of our recent feeds, but another of the company’s six new products also caught our eye this week. The Mini Mill is a home-kitchen tabletop gadget for grinding your own flour. It capitalises on the current trends for food-tech, robot-made meals and ancient super-grains… Read more »