28 February 2017

Fast Food: Saving Waste – Food For All


  • The chicken kiev was the first M&S ready meal in 1976
  • The chicken kiev has re-appeared as the trend for food nostalgia continues
  • Modern day variations are using high-quality ingredients such as truffle and artisan cheeses

Massachusetts-based tech start-up Food For All is aiming to tackle the issue of food waste by connecting restaurants with hungry, budget-conscious diners. It has designed a prototype app that allows users to purchase meals from participating restaurants that would otherwise be wasted, paying just 50 to 80% of the normal price. It is currently trying to raise money via Kickstarter for a full launch, but has already signed up more than 30 restaurants in the Boston area for a pilot. If that proves successful, it hopes to expand to New York.

The app’s only downside is that there is no set menu, since what is offered continually changes and often won’t be known until a restaurant closes for the day. However, as the company’s mission is not only to allow users to benefit from reduced-price meals, but also to build social awareness about the ongoing problem of wastage, this is a small price to pay. We think this is a great idea, in much the same vein as the food-sharing Olio app we brought news of earlier in the year.