14 March 2018

Fast Feed: The Robot Barista Alleviating the Daily Grind

Developments are moving apace in the world of cyborg coffee-making. First, a robotic arm moved cups between computerised machines in San Francisco, now an Aussie automaton has gone one step further, replicating all of the movements a trained barista would make in creating your caffeinated concoction of choice.

Going by the name of Rocky, it is installed in minimalist Melbourne café Once Alike. Engineers are confident that Rocky can produce a brew as delicious as any human, and whether you require a long black, macchiato, flat white or latte, you’ll be enjoying a cup within 60 to 90 seconds. It can even provide you with a choice of full, skimmed or soy milk, and add sugar to your taste.

While the human barista is unlikely ever to be entirely replaced, Rocky’s consistency and precision in the coffee-making process mean the team at Once Alike are already excitedly looking forward to its successor, Rocky II, scheduled for release in the summer of this year. Rocky and its offspring will certainly be in good company, joining the likes of robotic bartender Somabar, Zume’s automaton pizza-maker and Sally, the 21st-century twist on the traditional salad bar.


Image courtesy of Once Alike