13 March 2017

Fast Feed: Bing – The Chinese Street Snack About To Go Mainstream

In our earlier Feeds here and here, we talked about how the Chinese flatbread or crêpe-based street snack called bing is something we’ve yet to see cross over into the mainstream. Back in October 2016, we discussed how, with its authentic filling of egg, deep-fried wonton wrappers and overly processed sausage, it can be found in Chinatowns from New York to London, and that we were just starting to see chefs and entrepreneurs re-inventing the bing with new fillings and the sourcing of impeccable ingredients.

Now, Manhattan’s Mr Bing is serving a thin film of batter crammed with non-traditional fillings of roast duck, marinated chicken or roast pork. It also sells smashed-cucumber salad, steamed dumplings and, soon, an egg, cheese and ham breakfast bing, as well as dessert versions. Mr Bing’s owner, Brian Goldberg, first tried bing in 2000 from a food truck outside the Peking Opera School in Beijing and wants to make it as mainstream as ramen. He plans to open three new locations across New York in 2017. We predict that bing is one to watch – and taste – this year, wherever you live.